On May 11, 10:29 am, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> I am getting the following 4 phpt test failure when I run the tests on
> the code in CURLEW (I also see them in the 1.2.0 released code so It's
> not specific to CURLEW).
> SCA 004
> SDO bug 10049
> SDO bug 10842
> SDO bug 8694
> Can someone tell me if we are exepcting these to fail?

10842 and 8694 are time-bombed. If you look at the SKIPIF section,
you'll see that they are skipped for releases <= 1.2.0. Are you sure
you're working with code as in the repository or do you have local
mods? Otherwise I don't know why they would even be running for you.

The idea with these tests is that they demonstrate a failure, and
should run clean when we get Tuscany fixes (test-driven development?).
I think I've mentioned that I would like all SDO bugs to be handled
this way, because  the turn-around time for Tuscany defects is often
quite long, and if we get a fix but there's no reliable testcase it
can take some time to reconstruct the problem. I've time-bombed them
to make sure that they do get revisited at least for each release.

If 10049 is failing that's a real problem though. Could you post your
output diff for that one and SCA 004?

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