On May 11, 11:58 am, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> I'm running with the code from CURLEW. Which is >=1.2.0. I'm not clear
> from your comments whether these tests should or shouldn't be
> running. But they are running and failing in my case [3] and [4].

They should be running if the SDO version number is > 1.2.0. Therefore
they will run (and fail) in CURLEW. If we build the next release
before they get fixed (very likely), then the SKIPIF section must be
updated accordingly as part of the release process. But you said
originally that they also failed for you with 1.2.0. That's what I
don't understand - they should be skipped there.

> [1] SCA 004

I'll leave this one to you for now.

> [2] 10049
> 1[Fri May 11 11:49:23 2007]  Script: 
> 'C:\simon\Projects\Tuscany\php\branch-build\pecl\sdo\tests\SDO\phpt\bug10049.php'

Congratulations, you've found a memory leak. You are running in debug
mode. Strange though, because I also run in debug mode and I don't see
a problem here.

The good news is that the test has worked.

I think you can turn the messages off with report_memleaks in your
php.ini. But I do need to investigate what it is that's leaking.

> [3] 10842
> [4] 8694

See above. Expected to fail, therefore should be skipped in 1.2.0. Can
you find out why they are not?

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