Hi Mike

I had a go at this a while back so I repeated the simple experiment I
carried out back then. I took the greeting.wsdl from examples/SCA/
helloworldscawsservice/wsdl. I fixed it to remove the xsi:type
attributes ( :-( need to fix this) and then imported it into my
VisualStudio environment. Now I currently have a fairly old 2003 copy
of VS.net so your experience may differ but I imported it as a web

I then wrote a little bit of C# relying heavily on code completion to
tell me what to do.

using System;

namespace HelloWorld
        /// <summary>
        /// Summary description for Class1.
        /// </summary>
        class Class1
                /// <summary>
                /// The main entry point for the application.
                /// </summary>
                static void Main(string[] args)
                        // TODO: Add code to start application here
                        Console.WriteLine("Hello World Test");

                        WebReference1.GreetingService greetingService = new
                        WebReference1.greet request  = new 
            request.name = "Fred";
                        WebReference1.greetResponse response =



I then ran up the PHP SCA samples by copying examples into htdocs.
Then I ran this C# app in a console and got.

Hello World Test
hello Fred

Clearly not an exhaustive test but it can be made to work at the very
basic level.

Hope that helps


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