Hi Simon,

Thanks again for your feedback.  The example code is immensely helpful.

Unfortunately, I seem to be suffering from a Visual Studio issue related
to the consumption of the WSDL.  If I understand how web services work
in Visual Studio C#, it generates proxy code that handles routing web
service calls.  The proxy code is built off of the imported web
reference WSDL.  

The WSDL imports fine as a web reference, with the noted WSDL mods.
But, VS seems to be chocking on the creation of this proxy code.  I'm
getting an error when building that "DiscoCodeGenerator unable to
initialize code generator.  No code generated."

This doesn't seem to be an isolated issue (Google brings up many hits),
although I can't find anything on MSDN about this.  I also can't find
any meaningful details on this issue, other than other people have run
across it.  I can't for the life of me figure out how to debug this
DiscoCodeGenerator error.  My best guess is, contrary to the simple
Hello World example, I have defined many imported  schema types.  Maybe
it is chocking on that?.!?!



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> Hi Mike
> I had a go at this a while back so I repeated the simple experiment I
> carried out back then. I took the greeting.wsdl from examples/SCA/
> helloworldscawsservice/wsdl. I fixed it to remove the xsi:type
> attributes ( :-( need to fix this) and then imported it into my
> VisualStudio environment. Now I currently have a fairly old 2003 copy
> of VS.net so your experience may differ but I imported it as a web
> reference.
> I then wrote a little bit of C# relying heavily on code completion to
> tell me what to do.
> using System;
> namespace HelloWorld
> {
>       /// <summary>
>       /// Summary description for Class1.
>       /// </summary>
>       class Class1
>       {
>               /// <summary>
>               /// The main entry point for the application.
>               /// </summary>
>               [STAThread]
>               static void Main(string[] args)
>               {
>                       //
>                       // TODO: Add code to start application here
>                       //
>                       Console.WriteLine("Hello World Test");
>                       WebReference1.GreetingService greetingService =
> WebReference1.GreetingService();
>                       WebReference1.greet request  = new
> WebReference1.greet();
>             request.name = "Fred";
>                       WebReference1.greetResponse response =
> greetingService.greet(request);
>                       Console.WriteLine(response.greetReturn);
>               }
>       }
> }
> I then ran up the PHP SCA samples by copying examples into htdocs.
> Then I ran this C# app in a console and got.
> C:\simon\Projects\VisualStudio\phpsoa\HelloWorld\bin
> \Debug>HelloWorld.exe
> Hello World Test
> hello Fred
> Clearly not an exhaustive test but it can be made to work at the very
> basic level.
> Hope that helps
> Simon
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