OK, several things got discussed here but picking out the essential
attitude to the initial question:

Mike C says (I am quoting from pecl defect 10994):
" I would like to suppress everything with the exception of the
exception description and number.  Exposing files and backtraces in
exceptions to the end user I think is too much info to expose (for
security reasons, and simplicity).  "

Graham says
"I think Mike is right that we shouldn't always flow this information.
It is a potential security hole as it could divulge more information
than we would like."

Simon says
"I wouldn't expect that a stack trace is required or
even useful."

That seems a pretty clear message that the default behaviour at least
should be to suppress the details from the remote exception. We can
debate another time on whether or how it should be revealed, if anyone
ever wants it.

So, any volunteers to chop it out? We could stop generating the "This
wsdl was generated..." comment at the bottom of the wsdl since it was
only used for that.


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