On May 23, 5:27 pm, Matthew Peters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Please can we turn it off?

I have turned it off for now. But I notice that those who have
complained are both package maintainers, and will receive this stuff

I'd appreciate some input from other list subscribers who are not
package maintainers. For those people, there is currently no way to
subscribe to SCA_SDO bug information - that is, all you can do is make
occasional visits to the bug tracker and see what's new or changed.

To my mind, a feed of information about new bugs and fixes is one of
the most useful (and conventional) features you might get from a
project mailing list, though YMMV. This is certainly what, for
example, the Apache Tuscany list does with its jira updates: see

Depending on the response, I can:
a) leave it turned off, nobody want to know what bugs are in process
b) turn it back on, those who don't want it can use filters
c) create a separate phpsoa-bugs list, subscribe if you want to

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