Hi Matthew, thanks for helping administer the SDO defects. A few points 
of process:

a) in Tuscany-land, the XML support is not a DAS, it's core code (the 
XMLHelper). I realise why it's tempting to assign the jira to "C++ DAS", 
but those are the people working on a C++ Relational DAS. The component 
you want is "C++ SDO". I've transferred this one for you.

b) When a defect is assigned to Tuscany, we assign it to "tuscany". This 
one was left in feedback state, which means that we're waiting for the 
originator to do something. We also add a link to the Tuscany defect - 
which you did - but it wasn't clickable because the peclweb code only 
does that for http, not https (doh). So I added another one.

c) Since I last overhauled the defects, I have been operating a more 
test-driven development process. Sometimes these Tuscany defects take a 
long time to fix, and it's not always easy to recreate the original 
problem when you've forgotten the details. Plus we need to keep building 
a good regression suite for real problems that people have encountered. 
So part of the act of transferring a defect should be to create a 
testcase while the details are clear in your mind, and add it to the 
test suite, skipped so that it doesn't make the test suite fail. See, 
for example, 
though of course you may choose a phpunit test if you prefer. Please 
would you add a test for this bug too?

> Edit report at http://pecl.php.net/bugs/bug.php?id=11004&edit=1
>  ID:               11004
>  Updated by:       [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>  Reported By:      michael dot caplan at henryschein dot com
>  Status:           Feedback
>  Id:               11004
>  Type:             Bug
>  Package:          SCA_SDO
>  Operating System: CentOS 4
>  PHP Version:      5.2.1
>  New Comment:
> I just raised a defect report against the underlying C++ code that is
> in the sdo extension. 
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/TUSCANY-1297

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