a) Thanks, I have made a note on a postit and stuck on the top sheet
of my SCA for PHP todo - assign defects we find in XML parsing to C++
SDO *not* C++ DAS.

b) I am not sure if you are telling me that I need to do something
here. Is there something I need to do in future that I have not been

c) Difficult in this particular case, especially because we did not
know what we wanted the valid output to be. We just knew that we
wanted it to validate with soapscope, oXygen and visual studio. Now
that I know more about what the problems were I think the thing to do
is to write a Java program to run both the generated WSDL and
generated soap messages through XERCES. I will put this alongside the
phpunit and phpt tests. I don't think I can do it in PHP since we
never caught any of these problems with the PHP code.

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