> On 4 Jun, 11:32, Graham Charters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> In the dependencies section for 1.2.1 we list "PEAR Package: sdo",
>> which links to something athttp://pear.php.net/package/sdo- which
>> clearly doesn't exist.
> It appears to be coming from the MakePackage.php script. the line,
>     $packagexml->addDependency('sdo', false, 'not', 'pkg');

This line came from the time of the package name change, last November. 
I introduced it  to try to ensure that the SCA_SDO package would not be 
installed alongside the SDO package, with resulting chaos. If you RTFM 
you'll see that its intent is to declare an incompatibility between the 
two packages. It causes this entry in the <deps> section of the package.xml:
   <dep type="pkg" rel="not" optional="no">sdo</dep>

However if you look back through previous release dependencies on the 
package page, you'll see that the confusing entry only started to appear 
with release 1.1.2, in February, that is, not in 1.1.0 or 1.1.1 which 
had the same line in their MakePackage script.

I don't know what caused the behaviour to change, but since we're still 
back at the V1 package file format, which is deprecated, we can hardly 
complain. RTFM'ing again (a dangerous habit, I know) at 
I note that rel="not" is only stated to work with type="ext" or 
type="php". But we shouldn't use it to declare a dependency on a certain 
level of the sdo extension, because the package installs the extension 
(at least on *IX), and the chicken might not have been present before 
the egg.

What I've done is check in a change to declare a conflict dependency on 
the sdo_das_xml extension. This isn't a good test, because the change of 
package name was not simultaneous with dropping sdo_das_xml as a 
separate extension, but it may help sometimes. Mind you, we won't know 
how this gets represented on the package page until either we upload 
another release or someone reads the peclweb code to find out :-).

What we should be doing is migrating to package file V2 format ...

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