We're getting a small trickle of spam on this list. Not too bad at
present, but I don't want it to escalate. As an experiment, I've
turned on the "Moderate new members" option. That means that when
someone posts to the group >for the first time< their message will be
held pending moderation from one of the list managers. Once it's
cleared then subsequent messages will be posted without intervention.

So if you're one of our many lurkers, and you decide to post, there
may be a short delay. The managers are notified when a post is
pending, so it shouldn't take too long for one of us to get to it. But
if nothing happens, then do wake us up (About this group .. send email
to owner). I know that Google Groups quite often loses posts that have
been delivered, and that may be the reason for missing posts rather
than the moderation.

If you >are< a lurker interested in SCA and SDO, we'd love to hear
from you.

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