I referred to two approaches because I felt that the two 'interfaces'
might not be progressive (i.e. steps down the same road).  I suppose
in some abstract way I could be wrong in that the path info in the
URIs is an 'identity' in both cases (e.g. http://..../Collection.php/12
versus http://..../Collection.php/part/5/subpart/15).  If the first
case the identity passed to a retrieve, say, could be 12 and in the
second it could be part/5/subpart/15.

+1 for doing the simple CRUDE first :-)

On 11 Jun, 11:01, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> I agree with Matthew's sentiment. I think we have enough ideas here to
> have a crack at the simple CRUDE case. I view the second case as being
> similar to the first case but with more complex URIs. I think it is
> useful to point out that this extra complexity is required in reall
> applications (which Joes presentation that Graham references makes
> clear) but I think it's something we should consider as an extension
> to the simple case.
> Regards
> Simon

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