What are we going to do then? Sitting on a broadband connection, each
of the WSDL generation tests takes about a second. That's in the
morning UK time when the US is asleep. The times go up considerably in
the afternoon. Two days running the times have gone above 30 seconds.

It is a one-line change to make this go away - change true to false
below - but I don't know what the consequences are. The relevant bit
of code in the xml das is as follows. The comment is Caroline's:

                 * The second (boolean) parameter tells Tuscany whether to try
                 * imported schema from the namespaceURI if the schemaLocation
                 * is omitted. I've turned this on to support some dodgy schema 
                 * there, but if it causes problems, perhaps a phpini setting 
                 * required.
        xmldas->xsdHelperPtr->defineFile(file_name, true);

But we have been shipping with this problem in there for a while now,
so how much does it matter?

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