On 6/21/07, Matthew Peters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I just uploaded a new release candidate for DUNLIN (1.2.2) into the
> files section of this google group. I deleted the previous one, so the
> one that is there, and says it was uploaded at 8:10, is the one to
> try.
> wrt to the "going out on the web for no schemalocation" problem, I
> went for the following compromise:
> if (strstr(file_name,"2003-02-11.xsd")) {
>         xmldas->xsdHelperPtr->defineFile(file_name, false);
> } else {
>         xmldas->xsdHelperPtr->defineFile(file_name, true);
> }
> i.e., for our soap and wsdl xsds, don't go out, for others, do.
> >
> Ok, Matthew, pragmatic as ever. It looks like the real fix is going to
take a little time. Thanks for respinning the RC.


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