I don't have any thoughts on solutions at this time, but I do have a
comment on the "by design".  You are right that it is not by design
that interfaces are excluded.  Determining the service 'interface'
from a class's public methods is a convenience.  We do want to support
explicit use of an interface.

On 4 Jul, 13:00, Caroline Maynard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> simonslaws-gM/[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > On 4 Jul, 09:30, simonsl...-gM/[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> >> It would seem to be the case that if you implement a service using a
> >> class that implements an interface then SCA doesn't recognize it as a
> >> service. For example, with the service:
> >> /**
> >>  * @service
> >>  * @binding.restresource
> >>  * @types urn::orderNS Orders.xsd
> >>  */
> >> class Orders implements SCA_Bindings_restresource_ResourceTemplate
> >> {
> >> I get the
> >> SCA::initComponent - included by a client  script that is not a
> >> component In the log.
> > It seems that PHP does not recognize a class that implements an
> > interface as declared in the code before the class declaration is
> > placed [1]. As our SCA.php include comes before the class declaration
> > the class_exists test in the
> > _includedByAClientScriptThatIsNotAComponent() function is bailing out.
> > The use of an interface in my example is not mandatory, just a
> > convenience. The immediate solutions are to either
> > - Stop using the interface
> > - move the SCA.php include to the bottom of the file
> > Both provide satisfaction but reduce flexibility for the user. Anyone
> > know how to get round this class_exists issue?
> Simon, is there a reason why you cannot include >just< the interface you
> need, rather than the whole of SCA.php? Or is it going to get dragged in
> anyway?
> One thing that might help is to look at adding an spl_autoload usage
> into SCA. There's already a dependency on spl, so it wouldn't be
> introducing a new one. And spl_autoload is better than the basic
> __autoload, because it doesn't hijack the "classpath", it chains it
> through subsequent spl_autoload_register()s.

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