To my knowledge the following happened in the EIDER codebase this

PECL BUG 11388
This was the one about how the soap extension no longer looks for
$RAW_HTTP_POST_DATA any longer in 5.2.3 so the soap binding was no
longer working . This was not hard to fix, thanks to Rob having put
his fnger on the source of the problem: we now just pass the data in
as an argument to the handle method of the soap extension. Thanks

ATOMPUB binding
This has been checked in, along with some unit tests and some example
code, as mentioned on a different thread.

Tidying up
I had a small tidy up in SCA.php, running CodeSniffer against it, and
the Code Analyser in Zend Studio. The code analyser was especially
helpful - it found a couple of places where a variable was being
created and not used, and one place where a variable was used but not
created, which I had inadvertently messed up when reorganising to make
th code run more cleanly through code sniffer :-)

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