We have a first attempt at a ATOMPUB binding sitting on a server here
that has quite made it to the outside world. It was mostly written by
Megan Beynon - she put a lot of work in but then had to move to
another project.

The essential idea is that you can define a proxy for a remote
component that talks ATOMPUB - something like this:

     * A reference to the contact feed service.
     * @reference
     * @binding.atom http://localhost/examples/SCA/Atom/ContactFeed.php
    public $contact_feed;

Then you can call methods like create, retrieve, update, delete and
enumerate on the proxy, and it will talk ATOMPUB to the far end, where
there is a component that looks like this:

 * @service
 * @binding.atom
class ContactFeed {

that contains create, retrieve methods, etc. Of course like the other
bindings that talk a well-known web protocol the idea is not just to
go SCA to SCA, but that a client using the proxy can consume and
publish to atom feeds that are produced by some other non-SCA
producer, and likewise the feed that an SCA component produces can be
consumed and published to by anything that talks ATOMPUB.

So, although it's not finished, it might as well be not finished
sitting in the outside world where people can see it, as sitting in
the dark on a server here inside IBM, so I propose to check it into
PECL on a development branch, and work occasionally on it there (I'll
make sure it does not get in to a release until it is a bit more
robust.) I'll put a known-problems-and-todo-list up on this google
group as a page also.

If anyone has an application where they would really like such a
thing, but does not mind if progress is a little slow, I'd be glad to
hear from them. Also, if anyone is excited by the idea of taking a
look at it and making it better I'd like to hear from them too!


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