First a link, for readers who don't even remember where to find the 

I do like your new layout. It's great that you've investigated advanced 
Confluence features and added the search box - this will be really 
useful. It's actually very helpful that you haven't attempted to improve 
the content at the same time as changing its presentation - this lets us 
focus on the layout rather than worry about the details.

I did fix some link problems - the Community link and the "More details" 
links on the Getting Started page were only working for a logged-in 
user, not for an anonymous user. Looks like you copied some pages from 
the Test space into the PHP space but didn't update the links accordingly?

I think it will be much easier for people to find the information they 
need with the new layout. As for the new sections that you think are 
needed - feel free to add them as placeholders, as this is always a good 
way to encourage users to start supplying content.

I think we should switch over to Tom's new layout asap.

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