I have allready written some webservices with SCA in PHP for PHP clients
and all worked fine. Now I'm trying to use a PHP SCA webservice with a
C# Client and I have massive Problems getting a valid response.
This is the sourcecode of the webservice:

include "Log.php";
include "SCA/SCA.php";

 * @service
 * @binding.soap
class authorizationService {

     * @param string $username
     * @param string $password
     * @return string
    function login($username, $password) {
       $logger = Log::factory('file', 'log.txt', 'WS');
       $logger->log($username . "@" . $password);
       $returnValue = $username . "@" . $password;
       return $returnValue;

     * Ping-Function
     * @return int
    function ping(){
       $logger = Log::factory('file', 'log.txt', 'WS');
       return time();

I fixed the generated WSDL (wrong namespace of the types-element) and
created a C#-Proxy using the wsdl.exe-tool. When I try to invoke the
ping-method I always get 0 as response, when invoking the login-method I
get null. The log entries are written correctly, so the call reaches the
webservice. A PHP-Client gets the correct responses in case of ping the
timestamp and in case of login the string [EMAIL PROTECTED] What is
wrong with this service? I hope, somebody can help or point me to the
right direction.


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