Hi Graham,

Thanks for information. I will check it out Zend studio but I would
love to squeeze my time and get involved in this task.
I think, the SCA is matured enough to start support complex data

I will do some research on this and get back to you soon.

Thanks again

On Feb 7, 7:47 am, Graham Charters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Muru,
> This is something we've wanted to get to, but time constraints have
> meant we've not been able to.  The idea was we would allow the types
> to be defined by PHP objects which would need to be 'documented' with
> type information in order for us to derive a static type and
> optionally generate an XSD as part of WSDL generation.
> I'm not sure when anyone would get to this, but we welcome any
> thoughts or involvement.
> I'm not aware of any tools.  I seem to recall Zend Studio has WSDL
> generation capabilities and it may be that it supports data structures
> as source for creating XML schema.
> I'm sorry the news is not better.  I'd be interested to know any
> approach you find that works for you.
> Regards, Graham.
> On 6 Feb, 15:57, mmuru <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Greetings SCA Team,
> > Currently, the SCA supports data structure like PHP objects, arrays
> > through XSD/SDO. In the SCA documentation page says in future it is
> > possible to define type based on the data structures.
> > I wonder when will it happen? If not, are there tools which I could
> > use to generate the XSD/SDO? Is it part of the SCA scope?
> > It is really very painful to convert the existing data structures to/
> > from xsd/sdo in the large projects. I really want to leverage SCA in
> > the projects and publish them as web services.
> > I really appreciate your thoughts and comments.
> > Thanks,
> > muru
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