Thanks for the response but my problem is not yet solved:

Fatal error: Uncaught SCA_RuntimeException: SDO_Exception in
setWSDLTypes : SDO_DAS_XML::create - Unable to parse the supplied xsd
file 2 parse error(s) occurred when parsing the file 'C:\wamp\www
\webservices\test_3\helloworld.wsdl': 1. Document is empty 2. Start
tag expected, '<' not found thrown in C:\wamp\www\webservices
\SCA_SDO-1.2.4\SCA\Bindings\soap\Proxy.php on line 104

When my client.php tries to read the wsdl  from my server script it
receives nothing. Maybe something on my server is missing? I copied
the SCA folder to my php install/include folder. I hope this is

I really hope to get this working before the summer so we can start
implementing webservices in Dokeos 2.0.



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