OK, this testcase is enough to demonstrate the problem (using
Sample.wsdl from the defect that Silvano raised). The problem is not
that the sdo does not have the precision; it's in the serialisation to
xml which treats the value like 'print' does and not 'print_r'. Still
needs further investigation.

$xmldas = SDO_DAS_XML::create('./Sample.wsdl');
$sdo = $xmldas->createDataObject('http://Sample','getDoubleResponse');
$sdo->getDoubleReturn = 1.23456789;

print "\n";

print $sdo;
print "\n";
print "\n";

$xdoc   = $xmldas->createDocument('', 'BOGUS', $sdo);
$xmlstr = $xmldas->saveString($xdoc, 0);
print $xmlstr;

this gives:

SDO_DataObjectImpl Object
    [getDoubleReturn] => 1.23456789

object(SDO_DataObject)#3 (1) {getDoubleReturn=>"1.235e+000"}

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<BOGUS xsi:type="tns2:getDoubleResponse" xmlns:tns2="http://Sample";

On Jun 18, 4:23 pm, Matthew Peters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Ouch, I have just seen that I made an error. It is the use of ...

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