Just to keep you informed, about our progress, Kariboe has started
testing it out (I still haven't) but is concerned about the fact that
we have to install SCA/SDO as a server "plugin", which isn't super-
suitable for an open-source web project (it means we add a requirement
for potential users, which takes out the complete range of free-
hosting users).
I am personally not really concerned about this point as I'm expecting
our implementation to offer a conditional use of the web services we
would provide (either you have SCA/SDO and it works, or you don't and
it doesn't). Most of our user base will only want to use web services
if they have their portal hosted with some kind of caring hosting

Anyway... Dokeos 2.0 is planned only for mid-2009 but I'm still
hopeful I'm going to be able to implement it for a few stuff before
the end of the north-hemisphere's summer.


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