Hi Yannick, thanks for the update.

Having to install SCA/SDO as a plugin and the issue with Web hosts is
something we've agonized over on numerous occasions.  SCA itself is
user-land code, but it makes extensive use of SDO in the
implementation and also requires SDO for complex types.  SDO is the
extension code based on Apache Tuscany C++.  Unfortunately, it would
take a lot of effort to replace the SDO implementation with one in
user-land code.

It's great to hear you're making progress.  I look forward to hearing

Regards, Graham.

On 9 Jul, 21:53, Yannick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Just to keep you informed, about our progress, Kariboe has started
> testing it out (I still haven't) but is concerned about the fact that
> we have to install SCA/SDO as a server "plugin", which isn't super-
> suitable for an open-source web project (it means we add a requirement
> for potential users, which takes out the complete range of free-
> hosting users).
> I am personally not really concerned about this point as I'm expecting
> our implementation to offer a conditional use of the web services we
> would provide (either you have SCA/SDO and it works, or you don't and
> it doesn't). Most of our user base will only want to use web services
> if they have their portal hosted with some kind of caring hosting
> provider.
> Anyway... Dokeos 2.0 is planned only for mid-2009 but I'm still
> hopeful I'm going to be able to implement it for a few stuff before
> the end of the north-hemisphere's summer.
> Bye,
> Yannick
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