In my job,  the production environment does not allow that PHP has write
access to the public folders.
So I have many problems with the dynamically creation of the WSDL file by

I wrote a code that allows the WSDL file is created in another directory.

Just i defined a WSDL_DIR before the "include 'SCA.php'; "

Like this:

define('WSDL_DIR', '../../wsdl/');
include "SCA/SCA.php";
class Test{

and, in "SCA/soap/ServiceRequestHandler.php", after the line 47...

//uses the dir defined in WSDL_DIR to write wsdl
if (defined('WSDL_DIR')){
    $wsdl_filename = dirname($calling_component_filename) . WSDL_DIR .
} else{
     $wsdl_filename = str_replace('.php', '.wsdl',

So, this code works fine for me.

I would like to make this code public for community.


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