On Fri, 30 May 2008 17:28:18 +0100, Iván -DrSlump- Montes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I've been trying to push for PHPTAL use in several projects in the
last years but I haven't been very successful. I ended up writing my
own version from scratch a couple of months ago, leveraging new PHP
5.3 features and the bundled XML parsers + Tidy for legacy templates.

The main point in implementing my own version was to make it extremely
modular to support custom storage (file, string, pdo...), easily
extendable namespaces, tales modifiers, pre/post filters and code
generation in other languages besides PHP (Javascript). While PHPTAL
supports most of that stuff it's showing its age and doesn't makes use
of modern PHP's OO features. That's why I target 5.3, so I can tell
management that the library is using 'latests technology' and is
easily hookable into existing frameworks like ZF or Symfony. Using a
BSD like license was also required in some projects.

Is this something you could share? I have nothing against making PHPTAL more modern and modular :)

regards, Kornel

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