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This is example code:

$t = new Tal();
$t->title = "TitleTest";
$t->content = "ContentText";
$t->execute(); //here $t->content should be unset

$t->execute(); //I'd like to have only $t->title

I'd like to delete/unset fields that have been used in current template
(content.html) while calling execute().

Does anyone know where I can do this?

I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve.

If you just want to unset some variables, then $t->content = NULL; should be good enough.

You don't need to worry about local variables in templates - they're not preserved (i.e. tal:define="title 'blah'" won't affect $t->title).

If you set global variables in templates, then you could create a "backup" copy of PHPTAL object like this (I haven't tested this one):

$tal = new PHPTAL();
$tal->title = "TitleTest";

$freshtalcopy = clone $tal; // create copy of PHPTAL with all variables

$tal->content = "ContentText";

$tal = $freshtalcopy;


regards, Kornel

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