Ok - thx 4 hint.
i have open the file and found this

 9 |  <div class="header">Rubriken</div>
10 |  <?php
11 |$ctx = $tpl->pushContext() ;
12 | $ctx->navItems = getNavItems($ctx->{$ctx->sosContext}?><ul class="closed">
13 |   <?php

getNavItems has missing ) and i dont know why. my getNavItems
functions has no errors and in the template this function will be used
in the following way:

  <ul class="public"
      tal:define="navItems php: getNavItems($sosContext);">
    <li tal:repeat="item navItems">

Cant you see any error?

After i wrote this i have see the error. I have used sosContext with
a leading $. This is wrong in PHPTAL. A classic pitfall.

Kornel Lesiński schrieb:
On 06-01-2009 at 13:24:17 Torsten Hinze <info4hide...@gmx.de> wrote:

if i call my site PHPTAL return this error:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' in C:\WINNT\Temp\tpl_1231247664_1_1_14navigation9790ed651b9881a5e44194953211b4d9.php
on line 12

In the navigation.pt in line 12 i found only this

This error is not in your PHPTAL template, but in compiled PHP code. Open the file that is in temp folder.

Any idea?

This error is usually caused by syntax error in a php: _expression_. It could also be bug in PHPTAL itself.

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