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> From: GRolf <>
> Organization: -
> Reply-To: Grolf <>, Template Attribute Language for
> PHP <>
> Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 16:28:11 +0200
> To: Template Attribute Language for PHP <>
> Subject: [PHPTAL] no error when var is not set ?
> When I create a simple template, but don't assign a value to all
> variables in the template, PHPTal throws an error. Is there a way to
> prevent this?
> I'd like to create some placeholders, where I can set variables, but
> they won't all be filled every time.
> e.g.
> <head>
> <title tal:content="pagetitle"></title>
> </head>
> It should also be possible to render this page without setting
> $title...
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