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Is there anyway to prevent PHPTAL from automatically echoing the result of
${php: XXXX}?

There's no explicit way to do it. You could wrap call in function that returns nothing (e.g. substr(XXXX,0,0)).

I have integrated PHPTAL with Zend Framework and Dojo but
have an issue when attempting to use dojo().onLoadCaptureStart().

// inline-content.tpl.html
${helper: dojo().onLoadCaptureStart()}
        function _initLoader() {
                        node: "loader",
                        duration: 420,
                        onEnd: function() {
                                dojo.byId('loader').style.display = "hidden";
                                dojo.byId('layoutContent').style.display = 
${helper: dojo().onLoadCaptureEnd()}

Does Dojo expect to get HTML/XML markup as input, or unescaped script? If the latter, you might get nasty surprise when you use '&' or '<'.

Oh, while I'm thinking
about it, is there a way to do multi-line ${} tags so I don't have to have
such a long line? Something like:

${structure helper:

I could add that.

regards, Kornel

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