Do you mean you want to list custom expression modifiers itself on

With using github, I assume we can make categories/subcategories as folders,
then each separate file will declare modifier.

But this way there is no option to get users feedback / rate modifiers,
and finally exclude bad ones (or at least put them at the bottom of the

But with wiki you will not have option to allow users to commit fixes or

BTW, maybe this can help to fetch some info from repo:

... but if it is needed? Maybe it's enough to just link to that repository?
Anyhow, PHPTAL is currently on SVN, and from what I know SVN is not very
to users to contribute.

Anton Andriyevskyy
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2010/11/17 Kornel Lesiński <>

> On 17 Nov 2010, at 10:59, Anton Andriyevskyy wrote:
> > ... or maybe github?
> How would that work?
> Code hosted on github is a good idea, but I presume the repository needs to
> have some presence on pages, so there's one obvious place to
> find them all.
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