I'm afraid I can't understand what you are trying to achieve there. What is the effect of the tal:define="callback 'display-list'" ?? what do the quotes do to display-list? and how would I use the callback? Sorry, very confused...

I have a main page template person.zpt which defines the layout for all the pages of the web site. Every other page, say people.zpt, meeting.zpt, team.zpt merely fills in the slots. All I wanted was to avoid redefining common variables in all pages. Just factoring out the common data into the common template.


Kornel Lesiński wrote:

(oops, I've pressed send accidentally :)

Sooo, replace these:

<html metal:use-macro="person.zpt/main">
<div metal:fill-slot="content_main">


<html metal:use-macro="person.zpt/main" tal:define="callback 'display-list'>
<div metal:define-macro="display-list">

Basically use another macro instead of a slot.

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