I started to use a package manager called Composer but PHPTAL was not
found at the default repository of it. Would you like to register
PHPTAL to http://packagist.org/ ?

One of my friends created a library to use PHPTAL with Silex:
He wrote how to use the library and how to install PHPTAL  besides his
codes on GitHub, but this way can be shorter if PHPTAL would be added
to packagist.org.

Also Composer's auto-loader supports both of PSR-0 format namespace
and underscore. PHPTAL is completely compatible with underscore PSR-0.
In composer.json of my test app I confirmed that PHPTAL could be
loaded without *require* statement for PHPTAL.php. Instead it was
loaded via app-unified loader by adding an entry like below to json

    "autoload": {
        "psr-0": {
            ... other existing packages ...
            "PHPTAL": "vendor/PHPTAL"

Hisateru Tanaka

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