Grant Barrett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> How do I access the entire archive of the PHP Weather list? I see
> the one-message-at-a-time commande, but I'd rather retrieve the
> whole mess.

Um... I don't think you can do that... I've just tried to make another
list, and enable the web-archive, but the ezmlm-program responded with
the same message as before.

So I searched a little bit, and found
<>. They have a nice free
open-source-service, that will index the maillinglist.

So, soon all new messages should be archived there.

In total, there's only been 85 messages on this list, so you haven't
missed a great deal. There have been some bug-reports, some requests
for having php weather displaying appropriate images etc. Lately we've
discussed how we should ensure that php-weather works correctly with
languages like French, Polish etc. (see the beta-version for my
attempt to deal with the problem.)

> Grant Barrett

Best regards,
Martin Geisler

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