I've finally got some kind of result (it's not the code, it's me), but I see that
even in the untouched demo.php file, there's a parsing error on the very last line. In
fact, if I strip out everything but the code absolutely essential to provide results,
I still get a parsing error on the very last line, which, of course, contains
nothing of interest:


$metar = get_metar('KNYC');
pretty_print_metar($metar, 'Central Park, New York City');

In addition, there seems to be some confustion in variables. I'm trying to install
this script in a PHPNuke layout and I continuously, when trying to include the sample
lines that display only the temperature in the header, get an error regarding an
already defined variable. Now, I don't really know what the  hell I'm doing, but I
suspect it's got something to do with $temp being already defined. I tried creating 
MySQL table and changed the name to $tempb and referred the phpweather.inc file to
it, but that didn't do anything.

It's an interesting puzzle and I'd thank anyone for any input.

Grant Barrett

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