On samedi 13 janvier 2001 17:26, Maciek Uhlig <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>$station = "EPKT";
>This URL works for me now - both from phpweather.inc and from
>the browser.

You're right. I was wrong. When I tested, I tested KNYC, KLAX and KORD (New York
City, Los Angeles and Chicago) to see, and they all just happend to come back with
errors. However, yours and others I tried do work. Just the odds against me, I guess. 

It does seem like more than 1/3 of the ones I've tested so far come back with
errors, they have redesigned the web site, the server has been flaky, there is new FTP
access, and the links for HTTP access from the web pages have been moved, *so*, I 
if we shouldn't be figuring out a way to get FTP access instead of HTTP?

Grant Barrett


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