At 4:52 PM +0100 3/19/01, Kristian Kristensen wrote:
>Some people have been asking how to print fx only a limited set of info,
>instead of printing the huge text pretty_print does.

yep! :)
>Perhaps someone should consider writing a doc, or something of the
>different info bits decode_metar returns. With this in hand, it would be
>quite easy to print only what you want by doing a:
>$array = $obj->decode_metar();

Well, I did learn that:

echo "<pre>\n";
echo "</pre>\n";

Sure is a good tool!
>echo "Station:" . $array['station'];
>At least, that's what I figured out by glazing a bit. But I could be
>quite wrong, as I did't look way to much into the code.

Your right! In fact, all that gobbly-gook that I wrote earlier is kinda
silly, when all I had to write was:

$myarray = $obj->decode_metar();
echo "Wind Gust =".$myarray['wind']['gust_miles_per_hour']."(mph)";

>Certainly I agree that if you are a newbie it's pretty complicated to
>figure out what's going on in pretty_print()...

right again! ;)


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