Hi PhpWebGallery folks,

2 months after release 1.4.0, here is the first bug fixes release on
branch 1.4. Indeed, release 1.4.1 purpose is only bug corrections : no
new feature.

You will find the comprehensive ChangeLog on
http://phpwebgallery.net/eng/history.html but here are the main
corrections :

- informations associated to pictures uploaded by users are not lost
  during synchronization anymore (thanks to Redzebrass and Loonie for

- ability to set an invalid webmaster mail address preventing from spam
  (eg pierrickATphpwebgalleryPOINTnet).

- installed release number is hidden by default, show_version parameter
  (include/config.inc.php) controls this behaviour.

For the first time, it is possible to download only modified files
between 1.4.0 and 1.4.1. Advanced users (command line lovers) should be
happy to hear that a diff file is available (installation instructions
on website).

Since database model does not change, upgrading simply means to copy
modified files. Template "default" not modified so templates compatible
with 1.4.0 are still compatible with 1.4.1. No modification in language
items (so languages compatible with 1.4.0 are still compatible with

The bugtracker is ready to follow your bug submissions on

Apart from release 1.4.1, developments are going on dev branch (BSF =
Best So Far), builds are available with new features.

PhpWebGallery website : http://phpwebgallery.net


Pierrick LE GALL (project founder)

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