Hi everyone,

We are proud to present the first release candidate of PhpWebGallery
1.6.0. This is not a final stable version.

The main changes since version 1.5 are:

- separation between template/theme which facilitates user customization

- visitors can choose the order used for thumbnails display

- anonymous rating: visitors that are not connected can rate pictures now

- the rate manager allows (via the administration panel) the display of
  rating details for each picture (who, when, ...)

- chronological thumbnails display for any set of images (the whole
  gallery, best rated, results of a search, ...). It comes with a
  completely redesigned interface that allows the display as a real
  monthly calendar among other things.

- quick association of all pictures in a category to a new virtual
  category (one action for category creation and association)

- new "generic" user status with restricted permissions (no password
  change allowed for the user or display preference changes). For
  example you can define a generic user "family".

- new nice URL system. category.php?cat=most_visited&start=23 becomes
  index/most_visited/start-23 (when the right configuration options are
  activated). It's nicer and better for search engine indexing.

- notification by mail controlled by the administrator. Notification by
  RSS feed is obviously usable only for a minority, so a new interface
  was build to subscribe and notify users of what's new in your gallery.

- tags navigation. New use of keywords. In the tag cloud, each tag has a
  weight depending on the number of images linked to it. When viewing a
  given tag, a cloud of linked tags is displayed, letting you reduce the
  number of corresponding items.

- MOD subcatify was integrated. On the main page, thumbnails
  representing a category are displayed a different way than thumbnails
  representing a photograph. To avoid a too deep gap with previous
  branch, you can switch to the old display.

You understand we have many new features :-) and development team needs
you to have a release 1.6.0 very stable. Release 1.6.0RC1 is available
in the download area [1].

Thank you for using the bug tracker [2] for bug reports. General
feedbacks are welcomed in separated topics of the forum dedicated
section [3].

[1] http://download.gna.org/phpwebgallery/release/1.6/candidate
[2] http://bugs.phpwebgallery.net
[3] http://forum.phpwebgallery.net/viewforum.php?id=14


Pierrick LE GALL <http://phpwebgallery.net>

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