upgrade_feed only on builds and among developper?
I had not understood when I had readed 
http://phpwebgallery.net/doc/doku.php?id=en:dev. (ยง Database upgrade).
I  thought that will included on stables branch!

Ok for remark about modify the authentification procedure. But this problem 
must appear also with other include function used on upgrade_feed.php (I 
agree that very few functions are used). But zero problem is impossible!
On authentification procedure, a directly call of upgrade_feed.php resolve 

In fact, I don't like upgrade procedure with be call/showed by normal user.

But, there are no probleme, a lot of specifications is possible and I will 
removed test!

Else, the test of PHPWG_IN_UPGRADE must be keep?

Bye, bye...

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admin/include/functions_upgrade.php include/common.inc.php 
include/functions_user.inc.php upgrade.php upgrade_feed.php

Hi Ruben,

Ruben <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>   o upgrade_feed.php is showed only for administrator user

I do not agree with this. upgrade_feed.php is used only on builds and
among developers, not on stable branches. Imagine an upgrade that modify
the authentication procedure... You must see upgrades even if you're not
logged in as an admin.


Pierrick LE GALL 

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