"Ruben" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hi,
> upgrade_feed only on builds and among developper?

Yes, sorry if it was not clear :-/

> [...] On authentification procedure, a directly call of
> upgrade_feed.php resolve problem.

You're right.

> In fact, I don't like upgrade procedure with be call/showed by normal
> user.

If you consider upgrade_feed.php is not available in stable releases,
does it change your opinion? I do not know THE truth, I just didn't
designed upgrade_feed.php procedure to be only used by admins.

> Else, the test of PHPWG_IN_UPGRADE must be keep?

IMO, check_upgrade is fine in upgrade.php but not in upgrade_feed.php.

Thanks for your work :-)


Pierrick LE GALL

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