Hi everyone,
i sent this letter to [EMAIL PROTECTED] but all I got was an auto-reply. So pls
read my mail, and if anyone's interested, contact me.
David Oswald

my name is David Oswald, I'm a 16 years old student and come from Essen,
Germany. I've been working with PHP/MySQL for about one year. A few weeks
ago, I began to learn Java (which is great) and since then, I think about an
object-oriented framework for PHP. As you probably know, the support for
objects in PHP is more or less rudimentary:
No destructor, no framework with base classes etc..
That's why I plan to make a Java-like framework for PHP. I know that there
are already a few libraries (e.g. PEAR), but I think that these are too
complex and a bit inconsistent. For example, lots of PEAR extensions do not
inherit the base class and moreover, there aren't any more specific classes
like Document, Client etc.. So I decided to program my own framework.
Moreover, I want to create a website for it and other tools & scripts
written in next generation languages like Java, .... Ah, and it should of
course be free, e.g. distributed under the GPL or MPL.
After a long search (I never imagined that there are so many companies with
the word "dawn" in their names ;-)), I chose the french expression "Point du
Jour" (dawn) as a title  for that project. I want that project to be
something like a dawn for webmasters, internet programmers etc.. Now you
ask: Why did you send me this mail? What do you expect me to do? Well, you
offer the PHP-script "phpxml". I can't program a whole framework and I
that your script would be important for my project. So I want you to ask
whether you would contribute something to "Point du Jour" and integrate your
program or at least allow that someone else integrates your tool into the
framework. There's a lot of work and I already "only" wrote a base class
called "Object" with destructor emulation, an "Error"-class and a simple
Java-based HTML-Editor. But I want to make the project become bigger and so
it would be really great if you support me. If you are interested in helping
me with "Point du Jour" and therefore want to get more information, pls mail
back. Any kind of support, e.g. programming, translation, documentation,...
is welcome.
Thx in advance

David Oswald
Essen, Germany


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