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Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2001 4:13 PM
Subject: [phpXML] Project PDJ

> Hi everyone,
> i sent this letter to [EMAIL PROTECTED] but all I got was an auto-reply. So
> read my mail, and if anyone's interested, contact me.
> Bye
> David Oswald
> <--Letter-->
> Hello,
> my name is David Oswald, I'm a 16 years old student and come from Essen,
> Germany. I've been working with PHP/MySQL for about one year. A few weeks
> ago, I began to learn Java (which is great) and since then, I think about
> object-oriented framework for PHP. As you probably know, the support for
> objects in PHP is more or less rudimentary:
> No destructor, no framework with base classes etc..
> That's why I plan to make a Java-like framework for PHP. I know that there
> are already a few libraries (e.g. PEAR), but I think that these are too
> complex and a bit inconsistent. For example, lots of PEAR extensions do
> inherit the base class and moreover, there aren't any more specific
> like Document, Client etc.. So I decided to program my own framework.
> Moreover, I want to create a website for it and other tools & scripts
> written in next generation languages like Java, .... Ah, and it should of
> course be free, e.g. distributed under the GPL or MPL.
> After a long search (I never imagined that there are so many companies
> the word "dawn" in their names ;-)), I chose the french expression "Point
> Jour" (dawn) as a title  for that project. I want that project to be
> something like a dawn for webmasters, internet programmers etc.. Now you
> ask: Why did you send me this mail? What do you expect me to do? Well, you
> offer the PHP-script "phpxml". I can't program a whole framework and I
> think
> that your script would be important for my project. So I want you to ask
> whether you would contribute something to "Point du Jour" and integrate
> program or at least allow that someone else integrates your tool into the
> framework. There's a lot of work and I already "only" wrote a base class
> called "Object" with destructor emulation, an "Error"-class and a simple
> Java-based HTML-Editor. But I want to make the project become bigger and
> it would be really great if you support me. If you are interested in
> me with "Point du Jour" and therefore want to get more information, pls
> back. Any kind of support, e.g. programming, translation,
> is welcome.
> Thx in advance
> Yours
> David.
> David Oswald
> Essen, Germany
> <--/Letter-->
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