> BTW, did anyone check the code before releasing it?
> How else could one miss those bugs like the
> "$this ->" thing and the setAttributes-function,
> that did not work at all.

This is a completely valid complaint, and I think I should explain the
"histroy" of the 1.N.5 release a bit more to you.

There were some major changes to phpxml, and I was keen to get them to you.
On the other hand given bugs like the <a>1<b>2</b>3</a> which make me
extremely worried about the integrity of the code that modifies the xml
object.  Testing up until 1.N.5 has been non existant, so there have been no
unit tests to run in order to check that we have a "consistent" release.

I decided that I would ship the 1.N.5 changes incompletely tested in the
vain hope that there weren't any bugs.  You don't have to use it, hence
1.N.4 is still available for download.  I'm extremely sad to here of
"stupid" mistakes like missing out "$this->" ans so forth, and this
embarrasses me and only further highlights the need for unit tests.

The xPathQuerys.php unit test distributed with 1.N.5 is designed to test the
XPath element of phpxml.  It has shown up some bugs, and they have been
fixed.  Sadly we seem to have found some other bugs now so we will adapt the
unit test to expose the bugs, then fix them.  Then this bug will NEVER
appear in any further release of phpxml.

The other area of unit tests that is required is in the xml modification and
content access area.  This is one of the major advantages in changing to a
DOM style public interface.  DOM is well understood, and test data exists
that we can use for phpxml to give us a unit test.
http://www.w3.org/DOM/Test/.  The next major step I have planned for
development, before more performance enhancements, is to build a DomTest.php
unit test for phpxml, that will test to check that we modify xml documents

So in the mean time I'm afraid you guys are the major testing element of
phpxml, and all the bugs you supply me with I will fix ASAP and will
re-release.  I will not expire the old interface unit you can all seamlessly
change to using the latest version, then upgrade to the DOM interface in
your own time.

I plan to release 1.N.6 this weekend with all the bugs that have been
reported this week.

Thanks for your patience thus far, and please keep the bug reports rolling


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