Title: RE: [phpXML] Bug in setAttributes
After using setAttributes ($xml->setAttributes("/users[1]/Nodename[1]",array("atr1","atr2"));) I get the following incorrect result:

  <Nodename 0="atr1" 1="atr2"/>

Where do the 0 and 1 come from?

The array that you use for setAttributes should be an associative array, so you are effectively doing:

    setAttributes ($xml->setAttributes("/users[1]/Nodename[1]",array(0 => "atr1", 1 => "atr2"));)
Hence you end up with:
    <Nodename 0="atr1" 1="atr2"/>
    setAttributes ($xml->setAttributes("/users[1]/Nodename[1]",array("atr1" => "value1", "atr2" => "value2"));)
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