>     I recently entered the phpXML forum and I would like to know which
> projects are there under development that have as base object the phpXML
> object. Is anybody working on XSLT? DTD's? Schemas?
>     I also made some very simple changes to some functions inside the
> object, so now you can use strings to create the XML object and also get a
> string representation in order to be able to save it to a DB. If anyone is
> interested in the code, just ask for it

Welcome to Phpxml :o)  Follow the link below, you'll find a version 1.N.5,
and an archive with 300 ish messages that have been sent to this list since
it's creation.  I think you'll be pleased with what you find.  Get the
version from CVS, not from the download, as 1.N.5 was very buggy... :o(

I believe there are at least 3 projects that stem from this work, namely
phpxmldb (xml database), a user manager I'm not sure of the project name of,
and there's some other project too that is also listed at sourceforge.  Do a
search for phpxml at sourceforge and you'll find them.


For the most recent version of phpxml, V1.N.X, and an archive of this list
visit:  http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/phpxmldb

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