is becoming a well know fact that preg is much faster
than the ereg engine, while also being much more powerful.  Would it be
possible to rid of ereg functions in this class?


On 02 Oct 2001 21:43:55 +0000, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> Overall I am quite impressed.  I am running xpath.class.php on a
> hurricane electric dual-PIII server and I have some good results as well
> as some bad.  Building up the tree for a 1,000 line (fair complex) xml
> file takes 0.17 seconds and to dump it back out directly to either a
> string or file takes 0.13 seconds, so a total of 0.3 seconds, which is
> pretty darn quick for 1000 lines.  Adding children and attributes takes
> no time at all and is neglible in the results.  Evaluating can be
> tricky...for 1000 lines it can take up to 0.27 seconds, depending on
> where the node is located for 1000 lines.  The extremely variable (and
> slow) feature is the removeChild function, which if removing a child at
> the end of a set of nodes, takes almost no time at all (0.03 seconds)
> but if it is at the beginning, (0.4 seconds)  So to process a 1000 line
> XML file with a few modifications here and there, takes about 1 second
> if the modifications are involved with heavy evaluating and removing,
> and as fast as 0.3 seconds if the modifications deal soley with adding
> and modifying.  
> So, thoughts on the removeChild function, any way to make this faster?
> Dan
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