First an easy the _export() function, $hasChildren is spelling

run this in vim


and that should take care of it...

Next...mixed, most of you are not going to like the
solution I have, but here goes anyway...

If the context is mixed, like if the are <br/> in text or something like
that, the indenting is done, but each time you run the file through and
save it, the linefeeds keep growing and you end up with this huge gap
int the xml file.  Now, the solution would be to add a paramter to
export called $useIndent = TRUE and when you called _export recursively,
just call it with _export(...,!$isMixed) and then when you go to add the
\n only do it if $useIndent is true...This fixes the <br/> <hr/>
problem, but if you have more complex stuff, it gets hairy, but in
reality, mixed content shouldn't be used much...

Tell me what you think!

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