> Next...mixed content...now, most of you are not going to like the
> solution I have, but here goes anyway...
> If the context is mixed, like if the are <br/> in text or something like
> that, the indenting is done, but each time you run the file through and
> save it, the linefeeds keep growing and you end up with this huge gap
> int the xml file.  Now, the solution would be to add a paramter to
> export called $useIndent = TRUE and when you called _export recursively,
> just call it with _export(...,!$isMixed) and then when you go to add the
> \n only do it if $useIndent is true...This fixes the <br/> <hr/>
> problem, but if you have more complex stuff, it gets hairy, but in
> reality, mixed content shouldn't be used much...
> Tell me what you think!

I recon that the class should only ever add whitespace when appendChild()
and the target node contains no data.

ie inserting a <B/> into the following inserts whitespace marked by []:


Goes to


Goes to




Goes to:



Otherwise all whitespace is preserved from the file that was read in.

Would that meet the requirements?


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