I'm new to this list... sorry if the following are FAQs but I could not
find the answers anywhere on the <phpXML/> website:

1- Is this mailing list archived somewhere?

2- Which version of PHP does phpXML-1.0 support?  With PHP 4.0.6 I get
warnings about "Call-time pass-by-reference" being deprecated, and with
PHP3.0.16 I get a parsing error in xml.php line 271 (probably related to
typed arguments in function declarattion).

3- The <phpXML/> documentation is generated from the xml.php source code
(using special comments similar to JavaDoc or Doxygen) and it looks
great.  Can anyone point me to the package that was used to generate
this doc?  Doxygen is great for C/C++ but does not work for PHP AFAIK...
and I was never able to find a good PHP doc. generator until today.

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