> >
> > Can't remember.  You want to get 1.N.4 or the version straight out of
> > it says in the file what version of php you need
> >
> Why not 1.N.5 which is also on the sourceforge site?  Is it broken?

Check out the archive, you'll find 47 messages since it's release on the
25th of september, mostly describing bugs.  I'm hoping to release another
version tonight, God willing, which will have less bugs in it, but will
probably still have some.

> > A perl script ships with the module you might want to try, otherwise
> > is possibly work a look.
> >
> I haven't tried the script yet but it says that we can try it for free
> for 30 days.  Are you planning to sell it???

Sorry, histroical cut-n-paste from many of my other perl scripts.  Feel free
to use it if you like it. :o)


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